The Eight: Reindeer Monologues
- Sat/Dec 15

"In the world of reindeer, The Eight are god-like, living legends with the best jobs in the world. Beneath the veneer of elite celebrity, though, lies a sinister secret: Santa has a propensity toward lecherousness-if not outright sexual assault-and the reindeer are the objects of his uncontrolled desires. His rampant alcoholism doesn't curb his impulses, and Mrs. Claus is portrayed as a cruel, drunken hag. Obviously, Reindeer Monologues is not for the young ones-it is very adult in its language and themes, and may not even be suitable for some members of the grownup community. For those who leave their imprinted moral attitudes at the door, however, it is immensely entertaining, hilarious, and even enlightening. "   -Boulder Weekly 

But first we'll meet at Denver's oldest Bar for a holiday drink.

6:30 - Buckhorn Exchange 

1000 Osage St.  map
Denver, CO

7:30 pm - The Phoenix Theatre - $20
1124 Santa Fe Dr.  map
Denver CO  

See ya there!   
Jim- 303/819.0053 cell

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