This is going to be a huge dance party featuring a trio of female DJs called Holy Trinity and about seven other DJs.  There will be a great light and sound show and a lot of drink specials.  Expect between 400-800 people.  Tickets will start @ $15.00 and go up to $25.00 (buy early and get a cheaper ticket).  There will also be a VIP room with FREE BEER, wine and pizza (the same type of pizza as Bar Essentials). 

For info on how to get tickets call Linda at 720-931-6793

The Denver Athletic
Wear all black, all white, or any combo of the two - get a little creative or keep it simple.
1325 Glenarm Place
Denver Colorado 80204  map

(303) 534-1211

See ya there!

Jim- 303.819.0053 cell