Liquid Therapy  goes classical        Thu.  May 25/00  
"It's not a symphony ... it's a musical orgy."
"The earth quakes, the graves burst open, the dead arise ... the trumpets of the Apocalypse ring out ... and behold, there is no Judgment ... no punishment and no reward! An overwhelming love illuminates our being!"
"Mahler provides a grand finale to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra's concert season."
But first we'll belly up to a Route 66 cowboy steakhouse across the street.  "The best in the West!" at the nouveau-Western-themed Cadillac Ranch.
Rustle up Happy Hour   site
Cadillac Ranch   map
1400 Larimer Street   (at: 14th Street)
Denver 80202
tel: (303) 820-2288  
Boettcher Concert Hall - Colorado Symphony Orchestra   info 
Speer and Arapahoe  (at: 14th and Curtis)
Denver 80204      map
(303) 640-7539
(Full Service Bar in Lobby)  e-mail here for tickets
See ya there!
Jim- 720-232-7585 cell
Matt - 720-839-4477 cell