This week's theme - Follow The Worm!   May 4, 00

From Nematode genetic research (microscopic worms) to the last swallow in the Tequila bottle -  we'll trace the impact of worms on human culture, the race for the cure for cancer, and the importance of more than the agave plant on Tequila.  

Liquid Therapy member and worm aficionado - Dr. Andy Spencer, Ph.D. in Biology,  - will preside this week.  He and his C.U. @ Boulder lab are busy working the cure for cancer by mapping nematode genes.  Since this stuff is very complex, we'll start out with a 'heads up' lecture before we end up drinking for pre-Cinco De Mayo.

Who: Dr. Cynthia Kenyon, University of California
What: "Genes and Cells that Regulate the Lifespan of C. elegans"
When: Thursday May 4th, 4 p.m.
How much: It's science, it's 100% free! 
Where: Porter Biosciences Building, Room A2B70  - directions

Then we'll stop in for margaritas (and maybe tequila worms) first at La Iguana Taqueria, "...indisputably, no better place to catch some rays, kick back some Coronas and mingle with the college scene in town."  Then we'll finish at the easy-going Mexican spot, La Estrellita  "Sit on the tree-enclosed, luminaria-lighted patio, sip a margarita and listen to the sound of Boulder Creek."
Happy Hour - until 6:00 pm  
La Iguana Taqueria   info
$2 Tecate beers or margaritas
1301 Broadway St   (at Plaza)
Boulder, CO
tel: (303) 938-8888
La Estrellita   info
1718 Broadway  (at Arapahoe)
Boulder, CO
tel: (303) 939-8822

And since we're talking about microscopes & cocktails, here is a site that puts cocktails under a microscope.  Literally.

Jim- 720-232-7585 cell
Matt - 720-839-4477 cell

See ya there!

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Directions to the Lecture on campus

"Directions to A2B70. Parking is a problem since you can't park on campus
before 5 p.m. without a sticker. I would park on the Hill and walk or take
the Skip Bus and get off right on Broadway by College Ave. Walk down to
Porter which is just west of Folsom Field (football stadium). Go in the
doors on the north side of Porter, right near the stadium. Take elevator
down one floor (for simplicity's sake). Come out of the elevator and go
left. Go immediately left down the first hallway. Go through wooden
double doors and you'll walk into a lobby area. To your right will be two
other wooden double doors and that is A2B70. Go in, sit down anywhere you
want, and behave yourselves for god's sake!:). Keep in mind that it's
possible you won't understand a damn thing. Some scientists are notoriously
bad at using lots of jargon, but I hear this lady is good." - Andy