Liquid Therapy goes GLOBAL & drinks local!  Apr. 27/00

Have you ever tried a Singapore Sling?  How about a Coconut Lime Ricky or my favorite the Taiwan-On?  Now's your chance to celebrate Liquid Therapy going world wide on the web!  L.T. went cyber to better make use of cool web links.  East meets West at the stylish Asian fusion bar - Panasia Fusion.  Drink around the world for only $5.  

But first... we'll swig cheaper at Rhumba's happy hour.  This funky Caribbean patio has mountain views and rasta music.  The outdoor patio is perfect for the hot evening we're going to have this Thursday.  For appetizers try either simple conch fritters or "yam 'n black bean tamale on charred tomato sauce with chipotle creme fraiche and banana-ginger chutney."

Rhumba Caribbean bar
4-6pm  Happy Hour
950 Pearl St
Boulder, CO 80302 
Panasia Fusion 
7:00 pm  www.drinks  $5
1175 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80302
Jim- 720-232-7585 cell
Matt - 720-839-4477 cell

See ya there!