Get Your Rocks Off with Liquid Therapy!

Everybody talks about the infamous Rock Pile but how many have actually been? Everybody knows Mark McGwire and his kajillion home runs, but have you actually been to see him play? With the continuous escalation of ticket prices throughout professional sports, the $4 Rock Pile seats are one of the few remaining spots where the working class can do what they were meant to do -- wind down with some beer and yell at the officials.

This Thursday is your chance to kill two birds with one stone as the Colorado Rockies play host to Mark McGwire's St. Louis Cardinals.

Thursday's weather will be the warmest all week with daytime highs reaching 79 degrees!  

The game starts at 7:05. We'll meet at 4:30 at Jackson's Hole for Happy Hour. We'll gather strength there while we send someone across the street to buy the tickets.

Rockpile tickets must be purchased two hours in advance on game day. Don't worry about cutting out of work early, just reply to this e-mail with the words "Get me a damn ticket!" in the SUBJECT: line and we'll front ya the couple bucks. And while we're making e-list adjustments, to be removed from this awesome theme drinking e-mail list, reply to this message with the words, "I'm lame!" In the SUBJECT line.

If you could go back in time to see Babe Ruth before he became baseball's home run king, would you do it? Don't miss this chance. So sing with me, "take me out to the ballpark!"

Jim- 720-232-7585 cell
Matt - 720-839-4477 cell   View from the Rock Pile Seats