Kinetics Sculpture Challenge 2001!-Sat/May 12

Team Liquid Therapy in Kinetics!!!  We even made the Front Page of the Colorado Daily!  Check out our photos from before, parade day, and Race Day.   WE WON!  We also ended up in the next years application

Background:  Around 30,000 people attend this race, which begins at 11:00am on the first Saturday in May.  Some conveyances barely make it more than a few yards from shore before sinking. Especially in the early minutes of the race, rescue craft are busy towing the wrecks back to shore. The race consists of a water leg, an overland stretch and a return across the water. The swiftest contestants finish in 45 minutes, and the lumbering laggards end four hours later.

The wild, wacky, colorful, often risqué and political Kinetic Sculpture Race is proceeded with a downtown Kinetic Sculpture parade, in which contestants proudly and lewdly show off their sculptures. 

Fri / May 11
6:00 pm - Kinetics FAC
Oasis Brewery & Restaurant        
1095 Canyon Boulevard   
(303) 449-0363 

Sat / May 12
11:00 am.  - KBCO Kinetics Sculpture Challenge!
Boulder Reservoir

Sun / May 13
2:00 pm - Kinetics Award Party
RIO Grande,
1101 Walnut St     map
Boulder, CO 80302 
Phone:  (303) 444-3690 

See ya there!

Jim- (303) 440-4141 cell

"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."
           -- Ernest Hemingway
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