L.T. moves to Boulder this Wednesday for Cabaret Diosa!

"Cabaret Diosa. The name goes a long way in describing this act. "Cabaret" is a style of entertainment and "Diosa" means goddess. Yeah, the Diosa part's a little confusing, but this Latin-influenced, mamba-style group of performers is much more than just a band. Each performance involves singing, dancing and skits with titles such as "Satan's Cafe" and "The Real Story of Adam and Eve."

The self-described "ambassadors of romance" dress and act the parts of a 1950s Cuban orchestra, a la Ricky Ricardo and his boys. The first incarnation of the band was started three years ago by Chris Till, who left for California to sell toe rings. The group's new leader is flamboyant vocalist David Sherman, who performs as his alter ego, Juan Del Queso.

The plan: The group bought a bus, which it plans to use to tour the West Coast in support of the release "Hi-Fi Latin Exotica." and is approaching sales of 2,000.

Real jobs: David Sherman (vocals, percussion, clarinet), houseboy; Paul Mrozek (bass, vocals), renaissance man/gardener; Darren Feder (guitar, vocals), minister of propaganda at the Economics Institute; Willow DuHamel (vocals, percussion), diva/wet nurse; Mendel Rabinovitch (percussion, cornet), renaissance man/carpenter; Grant Rieder (trumpet, vocals), truck driver/photographer; Ari Dvorin (saxophone, flute), restaurant worker/poster child for fashion-challenged; John Rademaekers (drums, timbales, percussion), environmental scientist; Miguel Ramos (viola, violin, vocals), member of the Boulder Philharmonic.

Rituals/superstitions: Before each show, the whole gang gathers in a circle, holding hands, to invoke the spirits of African deities -- which makes sense, since their music is Afro-Cuban based. And if anyone tells Sherman to have a cool gig, he knocks on wood -- always. They're also rumored to do something weird with a chicken. (OK, it's more than a rumor, according to Sherman. But it's a bit too graphic to describe here.)" -sw.com

The Mediterranean Restaurant happy hour offers a rich, diverse menu from the Mediterranean region, including Italy, France, Greece and Spain. 14 different tapas priced $1-$2 like: Ensalada de Aceitunas Verdes -- Marinated Bella de Cerinolla green olives. Or, Aubergine D'Allaine - Fire-roasted eggplant and tomato dip served with shaved Reggiano and crostini.
4:30-6:30 Happy hour - Tapas for $1-$2. Mediterranean House Red $3.25
Wednesday, Feb. 23
1002 Walnut St. (& 10th)
Boulder, CO 80302
Cabaret Diosa:
The spirits of African deities are invoked!
Trilogy Wine Bar
2017 13th street (13th & Pearl)
Boulder, CO
See ya there!
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