KBCO Official Kinetics Organizational Meeting - Thur/April, 12 

Team Liquid Therapy is joining the action for Boulder's annual rite of Spring - the KBCO - Kinetic Sculpture Challenge 2001 where more than 500 creative, wacky competitors and their human-powered sculptures attempt to triumph over water and land. (Before the race, there's a balloon launch, pancake breakfast and 5k run). We'll be on water on Saturday (May 5th) and in the parade down Pearl St. Mall the week before (April 28th)  But first we have to build it!  Or at least the top.  We've rented the mechanical float - featured in Life Magazine - now we just have to tune it up and add the theme. 

KBCO Official Kinetics Organization Meeting
7:00pm - Tulagi's    info       web site
1129 13th St. (at College)    map
Boulder  80302-7015
tel: (303) 442-1369

See ya there!

Jim- (303) 440-4141 cell

"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."
           -- Ernest Hemingway
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