Welcome to Colorado’s Liquid Therapy. Originally founded by Sir Floyd Stone throughout the streets & venues of San Francisco, this weekly outing is not only an exercise in liquid therapy, but more importantly, an exploration and celebration of local culture.

Because of your open-mindedness, curiosity, and high tolerance for booze, check this website once a week for a new background & itinerary on a local watering hole.  Each Thursday (or any random day really) we’ll tackle a destination in and around the Denver/Boulder area. We look forward to your help with suggestions and ideas.  If the event looks interesting you show up - if not - wait until next week.  That's it!

A month of weekly moveable feasts might include one night of sipping martinis at the highest elevation downtown, another slamming beer pitchers in the underground music scene, the next week chanting with Buddhists at Naropa, and the last shooters and highballs at the Boulder Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. From wine and art, to new fads, to historic customs, to pop culture, Liquid Therapy promises to educate and delight on a weekly basis. You’ll never look at Colorado the same.

For our first Thursday, we have scheduled cocktails at the Brown Palace in downtown Denver.

"Throughout its 104-year history, the Brown Palace Hotel has played host to presidents, princesses, kings and queens, and their entourage of followers. While most people associate the Brown Palace with President Eisenhower, who used the hotel as his summer headquarters during his administration, the hotel has a long history of hosting other dignitaries as well."  -BP


Previous California Liquid Therapy events included: